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Do I need A Realtor

Posted by Homestoc on February 19, 2021
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Here are the top 10 reasons why you should use a Realtor:

Many homes sellers and buyers ask themselves do I need a Realtor? Buying or selling a house is a major commitment, financially and emotionally. Although For Sale By Owner (FSBO) can seem cheaper, when you handle the sale on your own, there are many advantages to a realtor that you lose out on. Overall, realtors help in the entire process in mitigating tension. Also, hiring a realtor gives you the benefit of competently and professionally selling your house.

Market Timing:

Realtors know the housing market and the best time to list your house is clear to them, so it doesn’t sit idle on the market. This will assist in selling your home quicker and at a higher price.

Property Pricing

A realtor will price your property best on the basis of your housing objectives. To reasonably price your house, they collect comparables (insight) from other homes in the neighbourhood and location.


Realtors have the right tools to sell your home to the right audience. They understand what high-quality marketing looks like, and how to promote homes, they also have access to digital channels and resources that FSBO sellers don’t.


Realtors understand what consumers are searching for, how to better showcase your house, and attract the right buyer. This also includes employing a talented photographer and interior stager to emphasise the best features of the house.


Many but not all Realtors are outstanding negotiators. They know how to satisfy both sides and, in the best interest, can strike a compromise.


It is the duty of a realtor to organise all the paperwork and records involved with buying or selling a property. The documentation is always lengthy, but a required component of the transaction. To prevent errors, they are able to read through documents and decode legal jargon.

A Realtor Puts A Client First

Realtors are loyal to their customers and will always put their needs first. In order to sell your home or help you purchase the ideal home, you should trust a realtor. They know the business and take the time to understand you so that they can find you the most appropriate home for your lifestyle.

Attention to detail

All the specifics for you will be taken care of by your realtor. They observe the current conditions of the market and will advise you on the closing process.

Knowledge and Experience

Their professional experience and expertise will direct you through the whole process and assist you in making an educated decision based on the market conditions.

Convenience and Access

Realtors have access to online platforms that promote property buying and selling in a smoother fashion. This saves time and money for you to scan and research homes.   You can then concentrate on other aspects of your move while they handle the paperwork and financials.


In the end using a realtor will save you time and make you more money by hiring a professional. When moving, you have plenty to think about, so let a realtor take care of the sale for you. 

In Canada you can find realtors in your neighbourhood by going to

In the United States you can find realtors in your neighbourhood we’re going to











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