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Realtor/Agent/Landlord Commitment

At Homestoc our goal is to assist Realtors/Agents/Landlords in selling or renting their properties in the quickest time possible.  You have our word that we will never hold listing, properties or data as a bargaining tool and leads from Homestoc will not be sold back to you.  When you create a profile it is directly linked to your email address and all inquiries are sent to you directly through an encrypted system.

At Homestoc our revenues are derived from targeted real estate related ads placed on pages within Homestoc as well as geographical neighbourhood ads.

Homestoc was developed and will continue to be improved upon to assist Realtors, agents, and landlords in selling or renting their properties.  We understand that your properties are your livelihood and we are here to facilitate in making it easy to reach the right buyers or renters without.

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