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Zillow Rentals No Longer FREE!

Posted by Homestoc on December 6, 2020
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Facebook Marketplace RentalZillow Rentals No Longer FREE

Rental listings now syndicated through the various MLS will no longer flow directly into Zillow starting in January 2021. Instead, agents and brokers will need to use Zillow Rental Manager, which is contract-based and starts at $9.99 a week, to post a rental listing on the third-party site.

While the firm says that the decision was taken to “empower” its partners, the move is nothing more than a cash grab. Revenue from Zillow Premier Agent, the company’s major moneymaker, has been flat in recent years, and Zillow Offers, the company’s direct home-buying platform, continues to lose thousands of dollars every transaction. Switching from a free to a paid service was the quickest way to appease investors.

Even yet, it’s regrettable — but not surprising — that Zillow opted to boost its balance sheet at the cost of agents and brokers once again.

What Alternatives Are There to Zillow Rentals

Agents may continue to advertise rentals for free on Homestoc, which has not changed and will not change, rather than pouring additional money into a corporation that is antagonistic to real estate professionals.  All generated leads are sent to agents directly at no cost.

Homestoc has no listing fees or commissions, and its user interface and personalized customer experience make it easy for property owners, managers, and agents to generate customized, browsable listings with little time and expense.

Renters can simply browse listings using parameters like location, house type, price, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and pet-friendliness to discover precisely what they’re searching for. Questions may be addressed in real-time, and prospective leads can be handled and converted fast, thanks to the built-in email servers.

When it comes to rental listings, how effective is Facebook Marketplace?

Homestoc’s rental listings are also uploaded to Facebook Marketplace for Free. Most MLS that have opted into Facebook Marketplace through Homestoc have experienced a 10 times jump in leads and a 5 times rise in views for rentals since the debut.


MLS brokers, agents, and landlords who want to advertise their rental homes on Homestoc and Facebook Marketplace can contact us via our contact page or simply upload your listing for FREE through our self server portal by creating an account.  



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