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Make your home more welcoming this winter with interior design

Posted by Homestoc on March 17, 2021
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Make your home more welcoming this winter with interior design.

This winter, warm up your house! We want our homes to feel light, airy, and open to the outdoors in the summer. However, as the weather gets colder in the winter, it becomes much more enticing to curl up in our homes and build spaces that we want to spend time in. Warm up your home this winter with these winter home design tips to keep you warm while you hibernate and hide from the cold.

Use fabric to warm up your home

Cozy up your home by adding fuzzy accent bits, making cozy corners, and getting in cooler, more subdued colours. Update your bedding to flannel and down-filled comforters by adding shag rugs, throw blankets, accent pillows, and thicker drapery. Adding layers of soft and heavy fabrics to your room will warm it up, much like wearing warm clothing on a cold day.

Add seasonal accents

Warm-up your home with greenery, festive textiles and furniture, and wreaths with seasonal designs. When choosing furniture, prefer round accents over angled and squared accents because they are more comfortable and soothing.

Humidify the space

We live in a dry environment in Canada and the United States during the winter, especially in colder regions. Humidity, aromatherapy, and candles with calming scents like cinnamon or lavender will help to warm up the room. Candles also give the room a soft glow.

Invest in a heater

With a portable heater or heated blankets, you can practically warm up your room. Warm air blowing at your feet as you watch TV or work from home is the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day, particularly if it can travel with you to various rooms during the day.

Do some baking

Not only can your house smell great, but a cozy treat is still welcome on a chilly day. And a cup of hot cocoa or tea, you’ll be toasty in no time.

Softer lighting

Softer lighting creates the impression of a warmer atmosphere in a room. Switch out the lampshades for a lighter cloth to extend the soft glow and install a few lamps with warm white bulbs in darkened corners for a more flattering and stylish light. Fluorescent lights are unpleasant, particularly at this time of year because the sun sets earlier.

Add a few plants

Get some easy-to-care-for houseplants to liven up your room in the dead of winter. Plants are natural stress relievers and can also help to purify the air in your home, making you feel more comfortable and rejuvenated. For a sense of when you get the most sun or look for plants that thrive in colder, darker environments.

With these quick and budget-friendly interior design ideas, you can turn your home into a winter retreat while still saving money on heating. It will warm both your heart and your home to display memories, decorate for the season, and celebrate the holidays. It makes your house more welcoming, particularly when you don’t want to leave.  Always check out our Homestoc Blog for more home tips

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